Student shadowing program guidelines

Shadowing is observation only. There is no hands-on experience with the shadowing program
Age limits In order for the student to participate in the student shadowing program, he or she must currently be no less than sixteen (16) years of age.
Shadow areas

A student may rank three (3) areas they wish to shadow on the student information sheet. We will make our best effort to place the student in their preferred occupation if possible, but first choices may not always be available.

Radiology shadowing is usually best in the morning as more procedures are done then due to patients being unable to eat before the procedures.

We have very few pediatric patients, so we aren't able to provide experience in that area.
Shadowing is done in 1-2 hour blocks, but can be longer if approved by the Department Head.

Recommendations for students
  • Please eat before you come to the hospital. You will not be allowed to leave to eat, nor will you be able to eat while shadowing.
  • Students need to adhere to the shadowing dress code
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be allowed
  • Students need to provide their own transportation to the shadowing location
  • Personal valuables should be left outside the facility
  • Cell phones, pagers, beepers will not be allowed
  • If you will be here over a mealtime, you will need to bring money to buy lunch or snacks in the cafeteria.
Confidentiality Due to the natures of the new HIPAA (health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996) regulations, confidentiality is a must. All students must complete and pass the confidentiality quiz online before shadowing will be scheduled. Confidentiality is very important - names of patients and their cases cannot be discussed with family or friends.
Student information sheet

Each student wishing to participant in the shadowing program will be asked to fill out and return by mail the forms listed below. These forms will allow our coordinator to more accurately schedule the student.

Please list three (3) dates in order of preference that are at least two (2) weeks from request. All forms must be received before a shadowing experience will be scheduled.

To shadow at York General hospital the following need to be completed
Online HIPAA Test
  • Complete Online HIPAA Confidentiality Test (Click here)
  • Student information form completed
Submit the following forms to:

Leah Lonsdale, RN, BSN
York General Hospital
2222 North Lincoln Avenue
York, NE 68467
Phone: (402) 362-0448 ext. 4044
Fax: (402) 362-0423


  • York General Hospital forms
  • Intent of Interest
  • Dress code
  • Release of Liability
  • Understanding of Hospital Confidentiality

Click here to download the needed forms