Providing Training and Continuing Education Opportunities to Professionals

Northern Nebraska Area Health Education is one of five AHECs in Nebraska and one of 265 AHECs nationwide. AHECs in Nebraska establish partnerships to improve access to healthcare for underserved residents and to provide training and continuing education opportunities to students, educators, and health professionals.

Northern Nebraska AHEC is a community-driven, non-profit corporation supported by federal and local assistance. Through our joint efforts, communities experience improved supply, distribution, and retention of quality healthcare professionals.

By partnering with communities and post-secondary institutions in Nebraska and surrounding states, Northern Nebraska AHEC:

  • Assists youth and adults who are exploring careers in healthcare
  • Supports the training of students currently enrolled in healthcare professional programs
  • Supports the education and retention of healthcare professionals

Employment Opportunities


Health Careers Club 

Wednesday, October 17th 7pm - 8:30pm 
Open to high school and college students 

Is Health Information Management the Career for You?  Find out how this growing health profession and how this field affects ALL health professionals!  Those attending will get to complete activities related to HIM (data entry, coding and record review).  See you there!  

** Different location for October **

Northeast Community College  -  801 E. Benjamin Avenue, Norfolk
Maclay Building,  Room 127


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FREE Continuing Education for 
Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists.                   

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